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India’s manufacturing sector has gone through several phases from initial industrialization to the era of licensing to liberalization and to the current phase of global competitiveness. Indian manufacturing companies have adopted industry 4.0 standards quickly and expanded their wings to enter the global market. A domestic push by the “Make in India” initiative to make India a manufacturing hub along with a global shift from the current manufacturing strongholds puts India in an unique position to make the most of the current opportunity. With the abundance of talent and skilled professionals in the country, India can be a manufacturing hub in multiple sectors, in the presence of an ideal manufacturing recruitment scheme.

How many resources are you looking to hire? When do you need them? Whether it’s temporary or permanent employees, 10 people or 1000, whether the requirement is of Local workforce or Migrant workforce, our manufacturing staffing experts will come up with a plan that’s just right for you and can be scaled up or down at any point.

We have huge vacancies available for the Manufacturing and Engineering Sector. Interested candidates may send their resume at: hrpeoplematters@gmail.com.

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